Best sleeping bags and Quilts

Camping is an adventurous thing that you need to do at some point in the year. If you have gone camping, you might already know the thing to carry one of them is a sleeping bag. Many people find themselves in a fixed situation with sleeping bags that are of low quality and not allowing them proper sleep at night. Here are some camping sleeping bags and quilts for better sleep;

REI Co-op Magma

The new REI magma 10 and 17 for women provides you with warmth and comfort. The sleeping bag weight and cost are better compared with other sleeping bags on the market. Magma used quality materials and offer great comfort to the skin. No-snag zipper and has a very well-shaped hood and foot box.

Western Mountaineering Ultralite

This is the highest quality, warmest and lightest sleeping bags on the market. If you need an excellent choice for camping and hiking, it offers you what you need. The materials, zipper, hood, draft tube, footbox and down collar all lead to a shining sleeping bag.

Enlightened equipment revelation

The enlightened equipment revelation is a quilt with versatility, affordability and a considerable amount of weight. It can be open like a blanket or cinched up tight during the cold season. These quilts are made to offer you warmth, safety, and comfort at night. They come in a variety of designs and color depending on your preference.

There are more sleeping bags that you can find here. I have just mentioned three without even liking back to their sources. However, the link should offer several sleeping bags for your considerations.

Now that I have mentioned three of the best sleeping bags, here are some questions for you.

How do you choose a sleeping bag?

What should you really look for in a sleeping bag?

I came across this article and I think it might help us answer the two questions.


Keeping hydrated during hiking or camping

Staying hydrated is one of the crucial things you need to do during a hike. Hiking will have you all sweating up and losing a lot of water, so you have to take care and drink enough fluids. This might sound simple, but after you start planning the hike, you find out that the weight of the packed water, temperature and other factors might make it a bit complicated. Wherever you are hiking to no matter the distance, always make sure you pack water into your hiking gear.

Get enough

If you want to stay away from dehydration, make sure that you pack enough water and sports drink. Throughout the trip, be constantly sipping the fluids. Take smaller frequent sips to help your body distribute the water evenly throughout the body. This is much better than a guzzling quarter a bottle of water few times during the hike.

Plan ahead

Make sure you have enough water for the trip but also make sure the water doesn’t make your trip hectic. Do some research before you go for the hike and study the place where you are going hiking. Water can be heavy and if there is any fresh water source on your hiking route, it will be better to carry just enough water up to that point and get more when you reach there. Be sure to stop at every fresh water source if you have little water carrying methods.

Where to get water

You need to carry water in your backpack. Carry enough and remember not to stress your back with a lot of weight. In case you run out of water while in the field, find a stream and drink. This is not mostly recommended but it is worth taking the risk.

You can opt for water bottles to carry your water.